Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reflection of the Day - GOD

I came across this on Sahaj Marg web site
Source: P. Rajagopalachari, Chapter "The Inner Needs of Man," The Principles of Sahaj Marg, Set 1, Vol. 1, p. 30.
"What we all need is a god, or if you prefer to call it so, a Universal Power or anything like that, but what we need is such an entity as we can approach with love and reverence. This would appear to be a spiritual need, higher than the other needs. Even an atheist would agree that there are times in his life when he has, perhaps unconsciously, cried out to God for succour, only proving that the need for God is universal in its prevalence. When we negate such a need, we do so artificially without knowledge of the frightful consequences of such repudiation. The time has, therefore, come to re-establish in our minds the truth that God is necessary to us."

by Sri Chariji of Sri Ram Chandra Mission.

I am sure everyone of us can relate to this , for a believer there is always someone a higher force or personal God to look up to during turbulent times. But think about an atheist who do they turn to during such a times as personal crisis ?


4d-Don said...

Hi Ganesh...

Yes we are "hard-wired" for the Divine experience or the hope that "something" will intercede for us when we have no answers or solutions to our dilemma.

However, just because we are hard-wire for the experience, does not mean that we will find or become conscious of that ONE and that IT, as a PERSON, will interfere into our lives and will fix our problems. In the end, we will die or transform into our real Spiritual Nature,as everyone does, even the "meditators". That is the Reality.

There are all kinds of Religions, cults, and now so-called "spiritual" groups which claim to open a "channel" to the Divine. In the case of Sahaj Marg, although it was originally a Sufi system under Lalaji, the Master that Babuji says he got the "lineage" from in a dream, although the lineage continued with Dr Chatterbuy and is now called "Yogabhyas", it is now in the hands of retired "businessmen", nationalists and materialists who would rather build structures than feed the poor.

Pretty words do not make a "spiritual" movement and many other groups have finally been exposed as what they really are, a "business".

Find you ONE (not God, a person), on you own and you will be further ahead than getting into a "dependent" relashionship with a "materialist" group who's writings ("You too can sell" and "You too can be rich", God is Male, Homosexuality is "unnatural", Women can't be Masters, etc...) reflect their materialism. They ask for simplicity from the "serfs" but do not practice it themselves. Chari is not Mahatma Ghandi.

May you find your path to the Divine as you are already "inside" IT and do not have to "seek for IT" but to become conscious or aware of IT.

By their fruit you will know them...
The fruits of Sahaj marg in my life and others that I now know, has been "broken" families and lives, not UNITY and LOVE...

Go in Peace and come as a "friend", not as a Master. Lalaji said that the Master is a friend in Sufism. The Master of Sahaj Marg, who demands everything of the "serf" is not a friend, but a leach and a taker, not a giver or a "friend".
I would not welcome him in my home and town and country...until he becomes a "friend". A friend does not demand and take everything from his "friends".


4d-Don said...

Hi Ganesh...

This was sent to all abhyasis from the Management of the Mission. Will you obey? That is the control of this group and is not reflective of true "spirituality".


Per Master’s guidance, the Mission has adopted a policy to discourage the use of online groups, chat rooms, blogs, private email distribution list or unauthorized use of third party list servers to disseminate Mission related information. Abhyasis, who require any clarification regarding their practice may direct their questions directly to Rev. Master or may seek clarification from their prefects. Those who wish to record their spiritual experiences may do so in their personal diaries which is confidential. Individuals may be referred to the Mission’s / Foundation’s official websites ( and for any information related to the Master, Mission or Method.

He is another example of the "spiritual terrorism" or "fear mongering that is not "spirituality".


The following material could be dangerous to the "feeble minded" and lead them to "paranoia".

Here! I put this on the French blog of Elodie (Pour que vive le Sahaj Marg) and I will place it here also. I will "crucify" myself for the sake of "Freedom of Speech". Let them (SRCM) sue me if they wish, these "cons" with their "fear mongering" and religious "terror tactics".

Taken from Constant Remembrance, Sahaj Marg Education Series, p.147 -
(ir)Reverend Chariji

"For those who are well advanced and for those who are advancing rapidly, please remember that without Constant Remembrance your life is fraught with great risks, not because there are dangers outside, but the danger is here, you see, in the heart. It is better to be a non-spiritual materialist whose heart is full of rubbish, because he cannot take anymore. There is no vacuum in his heart; whereas for a spiritual advancing person, there is a potential risk in every exposure. Because if this vacuum connection can be broken even for a moment and disconnected and connected elsewhere –God help him!"

Taken from Constant Remembrance, Sahaj Marg Education Series, p.147 -Rev.Chariji

With my excuses to the "intelligent" and the "stable" persons out there and in gest!! Some people actually believe that "sh..". Seriously!!!

You gotta laugh cause it's not funny!!